• Image of Deluxe RCA Cord by Jas

For years Jas' RCA cords have set a benchmark for all RCA Cords within the tattoo industry. These Deluxe RCA cords are no exception.

They are rugged and reliable and stand resilient against the stresses of even the busiest tattooer's workload

These one feature Jas' trademark "single wire" construction paired with quality Amphenol RCA and Phono plugs

A true pleasure to use.

PLEASE NOTE: I believe that these cords are some of the best around and, having much experience using them and seeing them progress and improve, are happy to back them up. If you ever encounter a problem with your cord and feel that it didn't do you just service, please contact myself or Jas and we will be happy to help you out with a solution or a replacement. Enjoy!