• Image of THE KUMQUAT- Shader- Black/Red Sequin
  • Image of THE KUMQUAT- Shader- Black/Red Sequin
  • Image of THE KUMQUAT- Shader- Black/Red Sequin
  • Image of THE KUMQUAT- Shader- Black/Red Sequin
  • Image of THE KUMQUAT- Shader- Black/Red Sequin


THE KUMQUAT is a nicely weighted, well balanced, versatile single coil tattoo machine, built around a proven geometry. It features;

- a unique single coil design that brings the majority of the weight of your machine over the top of your hand, resulting in superior manoeuvrability and less hand fatigue.

- a formulated combination of coil, springs, capacitor and armature bar to generate a similar power, speed and feel to a standard tattoo machine.

- a guillotine vice that provides easy, trouble free clamping on all tubes, steel and disposable, and keeps the wingnut away from your knuckle.

- a one-piece steel frame for strength rigidity and accuracy.

Although THE KUMQUAT has a unique and interesting look, it is built to work hard, be used every day and last a lifetime.

This one is an shader;

These Shaders are made to make light work of most everyday shading and colouring jobs. They will make shading and packing solid colour a breeze and will create consistent, smooth whips at a quick hand speed. They will happily push 5-13mg and, paired with their light weight, well balanced setup, will be sure to find a spot in your everyday line-up.

In testing with a 9mg it ran;
Voltage: 7.5v
Approx. Speed: Unloaded-120hz, Loaded-100hz
Throw: Medium
Rubber Bands: 1(Kumquat Bands)

*please keep in mind that the speeds and voltages quoted above will vary for each machine and each user, depending on their setup. These descriptions are intended to be used as a guide to help you choose which machine is right for you. All testing was done using my "perfect rubber bands", available on this site. Using different rubber bands will yield different results
It is recommended that you use Kumquat Bands for this machine as their reduced size is perfect for the short frame of the machine.

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